Frank Russo: Preparing

Review the Content with Me Before Our Session
Let me know what you are having problems with before we meet.  Let me know your grade
level and which topics I may need to review before the session.  I encourage all my students to
notify me by email or text what topics need reviewing.

Let Me See Your Most Recent Homework
Many of my students provide me with a link to their class web site so that I can see the
problem sets ahead of time in preparation for the tutoring session.  Homework is a part of the
grade for many classes.  I can help you with your homework so that you have a better grade
and are better prepared for the exam.

Doing Your Part:  Homework and Reading the Book
Many students expect their tutor will help them avoid studying and reading the book.  I do just
the opposite.  I encourage you to read the book and do as many problems as you can before
our tutoring session.  You are the only person who can succeed at these subjects.  I try to help
you develop excellent study techniques so that you will succeed on your own.  However, you
have to do the work to experience the success.
Come to Each Session with Specific Topics & Questions
You can make our time together much more productive by having specific topics
and exercises ready for us to do when you arrive.  Review your notes and
homework and figure out which concepts or problems are giving you difficulty.  
Many times, students have not even attempted their homework before we start
working together.  Making an effort beforehand makes the process work better.