Frank Russo: Expert Tutor
I have been running a successful tutoring business since August of 2010; I have
tutored hundreds of students ranging from the 5th grade to the post-graduate
level.  My average workload during the heart of the academic season is
approximately 20 students; I average 16 to 20 hours per week.
My success and excellent reputation result from the fact that I am an excellent
teacher and mentor to my students.  I am also a full-time tutor, so I have no
other agenda aside from teaching.  I thoroughly enjoy my work.
  • I am well educated and have a tremendous academic and work background.  My knowledge of
    subject matter and how it relates to actual jobs in the real world is not typical of most teachers.  Having
    worked at large companies like Chevron and Oracle, I have seen what knowledge of Math and Science
    can do.  Having also worked at two startups and a small company, I  know how much a range of
    knowledge can help when working in very small environments.  I have specific examples for my students
    of what a strong science and math background can do for them.
  • I use an online, educational website called Khan Academy.   I work with my students through Khan
    Academy to provide additional exercises and instruction.  Not only do I monitor their progress as a
    COACH through Khan Academy, but I also encourage them to work on their own.  Challenging my
    students to learn on their own encourages them to build learning skills and not rely on a tutor.  Khan
    Academy also helps student who are better at learning visually.  The online academy enables students
    to learn at their own pace and experience a curriculum different from that at their school.  Students will
    have to learn how to navigate online learning sooner or later, and Khan Academy is a good beginning.
  • I actively teach students every moment of the lesson.  I ask questions constantly to verify that my
    students are understanding the concepts.  I also require student to summarize what they have learned in
    their own words and apply the concepts immediately.  We do not leave a concept unless they can solve a
    problem on their own.  I never present concepts without positive feedback from my students.  My
    students know that they have to pay attention or we stop the lesson.
  • I repeat concepts again and again and again.  Once we've covered material, I bring it up again in
    subsequent lessons so that the concepts can become second nature.  I review and review and review
    so that students see the concepts many times.  I give lots of homework if needed.
  • I teach students how to study in general & how to prepare for quizzes and tests.  Students get
    immediate positive reinforcement on how to ACTIVELY read the book.  My students learn that they cannot
    approach reading a Math or Science text as they would Social Studies or English.  With my help, they
    start to use the examples in the book as the most important way to learn the concepts on their own.  We
    also review what their teacher requires.  I also show students how to prepare for a test.  We literally
    prepare for the test together by going over and over the methodology of reviewing all the material the
    night before the exam.
  • I teach with great enthusiasm and a sense of fun.  I love teaching and I come from a family of teachers.  
    The time I spend with my students zooms by quickly, and my students can tell.  Many times my joy of
    teaching translates into more enthusiasm from the students.  I want them to succeed and they know it.  
    You want your child to learn from a professional who enjoys teaching.
  • I work hard with my students and we  accomplish a great deal.  Since I enjoy teaching so much, I like
    to work hard and keep teaching.  Even though we take short breaks during the session, we manage to
    cover a lot of material.  If I'm not doing much, I am bored.  I prepare for most of my sessions, so that I can
    cover a lot of material and keep the session fresh.
  • I mentor my students to challenge themselves and learn to enjoy Science and Math.  Unfortunately,
    many of today's Science and Math teachers are not good communicators.  They may understand their
    subject matter well, but they can't step back and approach the material from the perspective of someone
    who has never seen the concepts before.  I know the pitfalls of learning these subjects.  I address the
    challenging concepts immediately with lots of examples so that Science and Math can be fun to learn.  I
    work with my students to make the learning process exploratory in order to get them to critically question
    what they learn.
  • Teaching is an art and a gift; it's not for everyone.  I am a terrific teacher because I have a natural ability
    to approach concepts from different angles so that different types of learners can grasp the material.  I
    teach effectively, because I have a very creative mind when it comes to deconstructing concepts and  
    rebuilding them in ways that makes sense to most students.
  • It's all about my students.  I want my students to succeed and realize that they hold the keys to their own
    future.  Once students feel that they can learn on their own, they will have a tremendous sense of
    confidence that will help them create a meaningful and successful life.  I want my students to be able to
    choose their occupation based on what they enjoy doing most.  Education is as much about learning as
    it is about creating opportunities for the future.  I constantly encourage my students to challenge
    themselves and reach their potential.